1. Said Abimelec says

    nice spot, otherwise horrible and unskilled divers

  2. Fatihah Syahirah says

    You should try go fun dive at Tiger Reef

  3. Rebecca Lau says

    hey, nice vid! which dive center did you go with? Would you recommend staying in tekek, salang or abc?

  4. Ramon Fadli says

    So poyo la that guy without the BCD

  5. Adli Haikal says

    how many cost..to take scuba diving licences

  6. Nurfatin Farhanah says

    my village ❤

  7. FAJAR COOLZ says

    Amazing video , so wanted to share the experience in diving .
    Visit also underwater tourism in the island lemukutan :

  8. Fatmos0010's Realm says

    do you guise need training or any license?

  9. akif safwan says

    Bro,sometime knp red filter cant works eh kt bwh.depends pd visibility kah ? video ni cantik btw.

  10. Azem Azhari says

    can i ask you sir, what is the dive site that you go?

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