Mexico is a beautiful place to Scuba Dive, and Cozumel is one of the top scuba diving and snorkeling destinations in the Riviera Maya the Caribbean. It’s unique for its drift diving, marine life, and beautiful dive sites. There are a few in particular, called Palancar Bricks, Palancar Gardens, and Palancar Caves. These sites are all part of Palancar coral reef, and are like swimming through a cathedral. Towers and caves of coral rise over you, and run beneath you.

Cozumel is a special island. During the day the big cruise ships, especially Carnival Cruises, unload thousands of people looking for Cozumel excursions. Most go shopping, but the smart few find a local dive shop and get on a boat. If you travel all this way and don’t see underwater, you’re missing the biggest draw to the island.

I ended up doing a lot of dives here over the past couple years. When editing this video, it was hard for me to cut it into a few minutes for youtube. I settled on just cutting together the dive of Palancar Gardens. That’s the dive site if you’re curious!

Shout out to all my divers out there. Message me below if you wish you were in the water right now!



  1. Cozumel is a beautiful place I've been there before wish I had the opportunity to scuba dive there, one of my favorite things to do.

  2. Beautiful video. You're friend josh sent me here and boy am i glad he did. Its hard to find high quality videos of people exploring the world like this

  3. i never did that before but love watching you all do it..i am going to do some water stuff in the river when summer comes back around this made me want it to get here faster #dannythemanparker

  4. That is gorgeously filmed. I've been to Playa Del Carmen but didnt get a chance to go to Cozumel and I will definitely have to go back and scuba dive there! Great video!

  5. I just wanna say thank you so much for sharing this experiences with us I appreciate it so much. I think diving it's an amazing oportunity to see another beautiful life stuff. Please don't stop doing this kind of things <3
    P.S: you're so handsome haha!!

  6. Ahhh I really want to dive Cozumel! It looks amazing. Are you using your A7S for your underwater shots as well?

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