HD| Diving Malta, Gozo and Comino 2015 Wrecks Caves

A couple of diving sites in Malta and Gozo with Caves and wrecks

This was a divingtrip with our group Duikclub Urk www.duikcluburk.nl

The divecentre we used was Dive Systems

Music : 2 steps from hell – heart of courage

  1. Eoin Mannion says

    Great video .

  2. Scuba Collie says

    what video torch you using?

  3. Primus 777 says

    Great video. Inspiring. I'm back into diving after a 35 year layoff and retirement from conventional work. Going Pro in Malta in a matter of weeks ! Ex BS-AC Advanced Diver & commercially trained. Diving was totally hard core back in the 70's.Flooded quarries in North Wales. Zero visibility tidal British waters, etc. I'm hoping the improved gear and technology will make it an easy transition. Either way, it will be "interesting" I'm sure.

  4. XAMSEEX says

    wow, this looks amazing!

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