SCUBA Diving Egypt Red Sea – Underwater Video HD

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Highlights from Red Sea diving in April 2013. The Hammer Head shark encounter was definitely the highlight. The great visibility was, however, what I remember the most about this trip.

Filming Locations:
Big Brother
Small Brother
Numida Wreck
Gola Abu Ramada
El Mina Wreck

The underwater footage was shot in high definition with Sony HDR 550 in a Light and Motion Bluefin 550 housing with Magic Filter, a Fathom 90 wide angle lens and two Sola 1200 video lights also from L&M. Top side videos were shot on Nikon D7000.

The post production was done in Final Cut Pro X and Davinci Resolve 9. MPEG encoding for YouTube was done using Compressor 4.

  1. Paul Fontenot says

    Must try the Silfra Dive in Iceland!!

  2. Shawanda Eurings says

    so beautiful

  3. freeyourmind says

    i have never scuba dived it must be a totally different world down there?

  4. Dwayne Bickersteth (Rantaman) says

    After watching this, I want to watch Finding Nemo.

  5. Seth God says

    The sea's looking pretty blue if you ask me…

  6. Dive4Life says

    Diving in Red sea one of the best places in the world! We are waiting you to come and join us in the beautiful underwater world. Diving is our life and we Dive4life

  7. keren liao says

    At 1:38 I wonder what's the name of that creature?

  8. iJonesyXD says

    I went diving for the first time a few months back, I loved it! Too bad there's no where near me for me to learn more :(

  9. Michael Albach says


  10. och m says

    wow amazing

  11. Rab Rauska says

    3:24 Someones watch going off?

  12. Rachael Grimmett says


  13. Adeel Khan says

    absolutely beautiful! Would love to hear about your itinerary as I want to visit this place!

  14. saied0184 diverse says

    for diving 00201065614920

  15. zoodiac57 says

    this is simply beautiful (also good choice of the music).. I've read in one of your comment responses that it's not dangerous but for as long as I know hammer sharks are quite aggressive . must have been amazing feeling swimming near them though

  16. Caroline Carr says

    Stunning film. You make it look easy.

  17. kickkit9 says

    Egypt and islamic states don't mess nature and red sea please !

  18. XxBb906xX AJ says

    Am I the only one who got Finding Nemo feel to this?

  19. Buzo Master says

    Excelente video ! Muchas gracias por compartir tu experiencia. Excelente producción !

  20. Sean Tung says

    sooooooooo interesting !

  21. Mackenzie Bower says

    This is amazing i wish i could do this!

  22. Cap Aranha says

    Wonderful place…where exactly is…how we can get there? any particular scuba tour? Guys…you always welcome to Galapagos islands in Ecuador…wonderful diving down there too…

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