1. GinSkimPivot says

    Jesus – what terrible music.

  2. AvidDiving says

    love the entry spot

  3. MrDog2264 says

    look at all that free iron

  4. Ali Waked says

    WOW ! Amazing, What is the name of the ship how it sank ?

  5. Cole Fenwick says

    holy crap nice video!!! it take's balls to go into that water

  6. Pasi Lensu says

    Punkaharjun Noobelinniemessä, eli aivan vierasvenesataman edustalla.

  7. jaimiecurrie says

    id like the ram that ice saw up someones arse.

  8. Pasi Lensu says

    Thank you david for you feedback!

  9. David Bretag says

    Such an awesome video. Thanks for posting that. I am gonna share it with all my SCUBA Buddies. I am sure that I will have many questions for you down the road as I want to do a lot of ice diving in the future.

  10. Pasi Lensu says

    Both songs are from Final Cut Pro X editing program which I have used for editing.
    We are using rebreathers as shallow water just for fun and practicing. Also it is very comfortable to dive dive in cold water with rebreather because breathing gas is much warmer than diving with open circuit.

  11. NikonVS Canon says

    The first song I mean, and another question, why re breathers at such a shallow depth?

  12. NikonVS Canon says

    What is the name of this song? Saw this in another video, Australian motorcycle safety course

  13. alex white says

    What if it suddenly freezes over while your down there?

  14. Pasi Lensu says

    No we didn't. Good drysuit and warm underwear are very important when diving under ice.

  15. Jerry72able says

    Did u guys get hypothermia?

  16. rocknrollingbitch says

    very very nice, thanks for uploading…

  17. Pasi Lensu says

    Lake Saimaa, Finland.

  18. fartwrangler says

    Where is this wreck?

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