1. Ирина Малафеева says

    Слов нет!!!!!!!!!!111

  2. Ash Maxwell says

    Did you find any regal tangs?

  3. bahar udin says

    nice place

  4. Simone Piacquadio says

    Bellissimo video,complimenti.Il nome della canzone?

  5. Gunnar Zwart says

    Nice vid!
    What do you think about my snorkel video in the maldives?

  6. Danilo Carvalho says

    Nice vídeo! Thanks for sharing. Could u please give us the soundtrack name?

  7. 82648947 says

    Good to see the reef is in such healthy condition now!

  8. Maldives Complete says

    Great video.  I'm going to link to it on the Maldives Complete website profile of the resort so people can get a sense of the Maayafushi house reef.

  9. gusemi76 says

    Complimenti!!! Video bellissimo!
    Mi hai fatto venire voglia di tornare alle Maldive… troppo tempo che non vedo dal vivo questo spettacolo.

    Curiosità: hai usato filtri?

  10. Francesco Ferrari says

    Si Matteo, GoPro Hero 3+ Black Edition + GoPole + Battery Backpack

  11. Matteo Cottini says

    Ciao Francesco, che videocamera hai usato per le riprese? GoPro??

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