1. Ryan McKie says

    First rule of diving, Don't touch. nice video though.

  2. Andrey Pakhomov says

    Some great shots man, well done!

  3. Kevin Clements says

    Absolutely wonderful. I've been diving here in So Fla, and it's a thrilling experience around those reefs, like we have here too.

  4. Alex says

    It's 2:30AM in Montreal.
    -22c outside.
    They say tomorrow will be one of the worst ice/snow storms of the year….
    …. im watching this and the envious part of my brain is like "yeah, but at least IM not standing on a pile of fish shit"
    Nice try, brain, nice try.

  5. Geoff Reid NZ says

    Aw you named a sea cucumber after me!! love it!

  6. Angelique Lamoré says

    Zonde dat het koraal toch zo kapot is! Mocht je ooit nog eens willen duiken dan kan ik je echt van harte aanbevelen om een meerdaagse tocht te doen, dan kan je veel verder het rif op en is het nog veel mooier (want minder stuk gemaakt) anyway gave vlog weer, dit is vast een van de laatste van jullie roadtrip? Ik en mijn man hebben met enorm veel plezier gekeken naar je vlogs en hebben mooie herinneringen op kunnen halen. Dank je wel ☺️

  7. Alexandra Chirila says

    My first diving experience was also at the GBR and I was so nervous and so excited at the same time! I loved this vlog for taking me back there and then!

  8. Sam & Aaron says

    Pretty decent. I want more stills shots. And full body shots.

  9. Michael Vettas says

    nice one mate, love cairns and all it has to offer, hows the afro in the water :)

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