Preparing myself to go Scuba Diving and start adventerous things.!

SPECIAL THANKS: https://www.youtube.com/user/HollisGear

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  1. F Bahena says

    Kali ur a foo for that manican challenge much love

  2. Perzië P says

    Cali this was unic

  3. Tyler Durden says

    Kali doesn't realize mud is denser than water.

  4. Mauro S says

    Kali man you too funny!

  5. Reformatt Show says

    scuba diving is the best! you'll love it Kali, I just returned from Miami and obtained my PADI open water diving license. highly recommended. don't forget a selfiestick with a GoPro haha

  6. CJ Kinder says

    Funniest mf video i ever seen man, jacked ass swole ass badass kali muscle baby

  7. AskVolks says

    no proof thats him in the water!!

  8. RosieJonesRules says

    I thought muscle sinks!

  9. Anthony Squadrito says

    Kali muscle has soOoOo much damn muscle… Florida goes under water whenever he enters the ocean

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