1. pinchpeak5203 says

    crayfish are so cute!

  2. Hudson Griffin says

    Dude that apple footage underwater was amazing

  3. luca chichua says

    A iPhone 7 PLUS I hate you

  4. Taras B. Укроп says

    android all the way!

  5. JohnJill PenalesAustria says

    How about your mic and speaker??

  6. CoolNinjagoKid says

    if you have old perfect condition phones can I have the 7 as a prop?

  7. Sean Collins says

    He is at Timothy lake and my name is Tim (using my brothers account)

  8. Epic Gamerrr says

    Why didn't you do it to the iPhone 7 plus also?

  9. Jaegiar Moses says

    Why isn't there going to be an iPhone 7s ???!

  10. Joseph Tran says

    @everythingapplepro once you let the water dry out will the phone be up and running again?

  11. riley busse says

    iPhone 7 new feature called spazing.

  12. Rebel maniac says

    Can I get 15 likes no reason just want to

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